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August 10, 2021, 14:10pm 
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The first product of its’ kind globally, the Design Led web application recreates the experience of having a designer by your side helping you create your dream home, and streamlines the shopping experience once you’ve finished.

After spending 6 years running her own successful design studio, Lisa was fuelled by a desire to help more people with their homes. She wanted to find a way to make interior design more accessible and remove the barriers that stop many people from getting professional help with their home.

She wanted to help unlock the secrets of interior design for everyone and open up her little black book to the world.

Design Led makes beautiful, interior designed rooms: • Available at the click of the button • Easily adaptable to your exact room • Easily customisable to your exact tastes with algorithms in place so that it’s hard to make a bad decision • Shoppable at the click of a button directly through the platform

After months of development, the MVP will be ready to release to the waiting list of 200  beta users in September 2021 . Users will be able to design their living room using the app.

The Design Led demo video was released in late 2020 which showcased its innovative new design process. It received rave reviews from the Design Led community. Two of the quotes are below:

“I think it’s really transformational and changes the way I view interior design”

“Exactly what I was looking for. The ability to see how items would work in my room”.

Design Led will start building out the full platform in early 2022 with every room in the house planned for development, as well as an innovative magazine platform and home design-focused social network.


"I am so grateful to the New Frontiers team for the time and support the programme gave me. That early backing was absolutely crucial in helping me turn my idea into a fully fledged startup and I continue to benefit from the amazing resources it gave me."

Lisa Marconi, Design Led

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