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Digital Learning Institute

July 29, 2021, 20:46pm 
Professional Shot of Brendan Kiely

FlexLabs was rebranded as the Digital Learning Institute in July 2021.

The Institute’s virtual lab is made up of innovate design tools and accredited online programmes that will trainers build their confidence, skills and ultimately their career in digital learning design.

 ‘At the Digital Learning Institute we offer a world-class education to help learning professionals, trainers, instructors and educators reach their potential as digital learning designers.

We are passionate about the design of high-quality and impactful digital learning experiences to support the global learning community. Our courses have been designed to help you build your career, from instructional designer to a fully-fledged, certified digital learning professional.

"In 2020, we took part in the New Frontiers Programme with the Media Cube in IADT and we have since made the Media Cube our new home. The team and the company has grown rapidly over the last 18 months and we currently delivering our programme globally to some of the world’s leading companies."

John Kilroy, Digital Learning Institute

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