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The Diabetes Dept

July 29, 2021, 22:08pm 
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The Diabetes Dept. creates occupation specific, innovative digital programmes for companies that strive to have a thriving and diabetes resilient workforce. Type 2 diabetes is a key cause of absenteeism and is associated with many safety concerns especially in high risk occupations such as driving and manufacturing. Shift workers or those in stressful occupations are also particularly vulnerable.

Programmes are based entirely on science and help individuals to avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes as well as improving energy, heart health and quality of life. The Diabetes Dept is firmly rooted in research and has a strong focus on measuring outcomes. 

Siobhan originally qualified as a nurse and has also studied business and coaching. She was a Business Director in the Pharmaceutical Industry for many years as well as working as a business development consultant for both the Pharma sector and Medical Devices. 

Despite working on some innovative prescription drugs for type 2 diabetes Siobhan was dismayed at the exponential growth of the disease as well as the medical complications and premature deaths even of those on medication.  The missing link was application of lifestyle science and educating people in a way that helps them understand, implement and sustain new lifestyle habits. 

Siobhan set up a business to address this issue and had great success in working directly with consumers. In 2020 she launched The Diabetes Dept. to focus on at-risk employee populations and is currently working with a number of transport companies and their drivers in Ireland and internationally.  

Siobhan is also a member of the female entrepreneurs organisation ‘Going for Growth’ which is also sponsored by Enterprise Ireland.

"I had a big vision for my business but I was not entirely sure which path to take. A chance meeting with Ann Marie Phelan at a community business event in the Media Cube led me to applying for New Frontiers and I was fortunate to be accepted. Suddenly I had so much support as well as having panels of other experts advising me on my business. Now my direction is clear and I am well on the way to achieving way more than I ever dreamed of before. I am very grateful for all of the support I have had."

Siobhan Dee, The Diabetes Dept

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