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Our team at Drone Consultants Ireland are thankful for the ongoing support of The Media Cube and IADT which has afforded us the possibility of capturing international contracts. We participated in New Frontiers in 2018 which provided us the opportunity to find our place in the emerging drone industry and then forge a path forward.

While our primary focus is the development of drones we have based a significant portion of our work on the space aspect of future solutions.

After our team won The European Space Masters for Satellite Navigation in 2018, we applied to join the ESA BIC (European Space Agency, Business Incubation Centre) to build out our concept “Jack in the Box”. We recently took receipt of a large quantity of hardware and hope to deliver our MVP in the coming weeks – these things always take longer than expected.

On the course of our journey we built relations with a French company called Thales, a significant global player in space / satellite technologies. We were invited to join a consortium to apply for Horizon 2020 funding, our connection to IADT - an Institute of Technology, In addition to the fact that we are an SME and an Irish entity all added weight to the application process.

The project GEONAV IoT is 70% funded, therefore we must contribute 30% - as we are primarily a drone company we can offer UAV services to a variety of governmental and private clients to sustain us through our developmental stages.

GEONAV IoT aims to vastly improve the accuracy of satellite navigation for both indoor and outdoor use, the target markets are elite sport, valuable asset tracking and UAVs. The chipset will have a triple redundancy system, similar to aviation and will reliably tell us exactly where multiple drones are in real time thus allowing for greater autonomy. This has yet to be achieved in a scale by an organisation.

The international launch of GEONAV IoT is scheduled to take place at the Media Cube in early 2023 and will be supported by The European Space Agency.

As of October 2021 DCI and Thales have built another consortium and applied to an open call from ESA to conduct a feasibility study for the future of drone deliveries through the use of satellites, Enterprise Ireland have also been helpful in supporting this study, while we have been successful in our application we are currently negotiating the final contract, we will have further details on this shortly, however Dun Laoghaire will most likely be the focus of our studies.


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