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August 9, 2021, 15:48pm 
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In 2014 Rosalind Beere was injured by a drunken driver in a roadside collison. This caused four bulging discs in her back and a serious knee injury. Rosalind was fully aware of the importance of being healthy while on bed rest with her injuries. Being addicted to sugar free caffeinated beverages for over 20 years, Rosalind knew something had to change.

Rosalind was aware that green tea had a plethora of health benefits, and would be a great way to kick-start her health journey, however, she just couldn’t stand the taste. No matter what kind of green tea she bought there was no way she could see herself consistently drinking it to make a difference in her life. This realisation inspired Rosalind to start blending different types of teas and herbs right in her kitchen until she tasted perfection. This all came to be so she could avail of the amazing health benefits of green tea all while enjoying the delicious taste.

Rosalind started offering her tea blend to friends and family as an experiment, and found everyone loved them! It was then she recognised her blends true potential and uncovered a great opportunity to break into the Irish tea market. Rosalind established Chi Fit in January 2018 and completed the New Frontiers Phase 2 programme.

Chi Fit’s flagship product is the Original Tea Blend which was the first blend Rosalind developed. The Original Blend boasts 10 ingredients, and fresh minty taste that provides tea drinkers with an energy boost along with many other health and fitness benefits. Through extensive research and sampling of different teas, Rosalind found an amazing organic producer in Yunnan, South West China that is family owned and sustainably sourced.

With huge interest in the environment, Rosalind ensured all her tea bags are both chemical free and biodegradable. All the Chi Fit products are vegan friendly, and all packaging is fully recyclable. Chi Fit is also the first and only tea brand to have reusable tea bags. According to Chi Fit, on average each tea bag can be used 4 – 6 times (or even the next day if stored in the fridge overnight) which guarantees consumers get more out of the product. Chi Fit’s tea bags are also biodegradable and all products are vegan.

Chi Fit sells online and is stocked in leading pharmacies and retail outlets across Ireland from Meaghers Pharmacy, The Health Food Shop and Donnybrook Fair to over 50 Boots stores. Chi Fit is purchased internationally from over 10 countries around the world, including Brazil, Switzerland, United States, and China via online sales.

To find out more about Chi Fit Tea, go to https://www.chifit.co

Use this code: CALM20 - when you place your first order!

"I know several potential entrepreneurs with great business ideas and I have advised them all to apply for New Frontiers. I am a university lecturer, entrepreneur and mother of 3 children. I know several potential entrepreneurs with great business ideas and I have advised them all to apply for New Frontiers. It’s a great programme and I learnt so much from my time on the programme and met some amazing fellow entrepreneurs too and I am still in touch with the team at the IADT Media Cube and the LEO DLR who are still so supportive of myself and my business. I can’t recommend the programme enough!"

Dr. Rosalind Beere, Chi Fit

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