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May 30, 2023, 17:04pm 
Professional Shot of Brendan Kiely

Attracting top tier media from across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia to its regional events, James worked with startup founders to capture their attention. Despite more than 1,500 startups attending these conferences, they struggled to capture the newsworthiness of their companies citing scalability and accessibility to assistance from global PR agencies as a major challenge. ClearStory was founded to fix that problem.

ClearStory is an international public relations agency. We work with the world’s most promising startups and internationally focused businesses to build their profiles in new and existing markets. We do this through our established global network of media contacts.

With clients across multiple industries including tech, health, food and beverage, energy, lifestyle, social enterprise and more, we offer fixed pricing options that guarantee you flexibility and consistency for your PR budget at a fraction of the usual cost.

We represent clients across North America, Europe and South-East Asia to tell their story anywhere in the world.  

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