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May 30, 2023, 17:00pm 
Professional Shot of Brendan Kiely

About CLYQ:

CLYQ is a mobile app that lets customers shop the products they see on their screens while watching films and TV. CLYQ uses audio recognition software to detect the scene of the film / TV show that the consumer is watching and surfaces the shoppable products within that scene. CLYQ allows brands to showcase the products featured as product placement in film and TV shows and helps them to measure the ROI on this marketing spend. CLYQ also helps film and TV producers raise additional financing through the integration of shoppable product placement in their content.

About our proof of concept trial:

Miriam and Sarah will work with student filmmakers in the pre-production phase of their films. We will partner the films with brands that compliment the story. Once the film has been released we will then feature the film and products available for sale on our mobile app so that viewers of the film can shop the products while they watch it.

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