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July 29, 2021, 21:59pm 
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After speaking to many companies, Paul realised that there was a need for a super simple digital platform to capture all types of maintenance tasks, including repairs, health & safety, and compliance. The solution he designed was Snapfix, a platform that uses photos for efficient communication, and traffic lights for efficient collaboration.  Simple.

Everything in Snapfix is focused around simplicity.  Issues and tasks are recorded by taking a photo or creating a video using a mobile phone. Tasks are simply coded using red, yellow and green "Traffic Lights", shared with team members, and result in a full audit trail from start to finish.  It's like "WhatsApp for Getting Things Done".

The initial focus was the hospitality industry, and Snapfix has since expanded to facilities, schools, universities,  construction and engineering companies, cleaning companies, and equipment/asset management companies.

The team at Snapfix are delighted that their platform is a great fit for all these sectors. Their relentless focus on simplicity and infinite-flexibility is the key to success.

Paul completed the New Frontiers 15 programme at the Media Cube in 2019, and was awarded the ‘The Lead Entrepreneur’ prize by William Fry at the New Frontiers 2019 Showcase. Paul and the team at Snapfix are based in Dún Laoghaire as well as India.  The aim is to expand to a global distributed team.

Snapfix’s mission is to organize the world’s buildings, facilities and equipment, and get things done. Its vision is to put Snapfix in the hands of everyone.

The company is currently raising investment with the plan to become a billion dollar business, and its focus is on sales and marketing globally.  Snapfix recently has raised €1.5m in a pre-Series A funding round and will be expanding into international markets.

As a sole founder in 2019, I really benefited from working with the team at the IADT Media Cube.  The start-up journey is incredibly challenging, and the IADT team was a huge support to me in relation to Strategy, Investment, Sales & Marketing and Finance.

In addition, the IADT Team was very proactive in making introductions to their network, which is a huge advantage to any start-up. 

Paul McCarthy, Snapfix

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