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Note from Criona Turley, CEO of Capella Workplace Solutions

In another business, in what feels like a lifetime ago, I promised an incredibly talented team of dreamers and innovators that the year our start up made a particular figure in profit, the Christmas party would be in Las Vegas. We never quite made it, but we had a lot of ridiculous fun in the planning.

My global pandemic started in an Enterprise Ireland Office in Canada, doing what the Irish do so well... internationalizing a business. As the world shut down, I tried to get home on one of the last flights out of Toronto. For the first time in a long time, I was genuinely scared. I can't really describe how distressing it was to be so far away from my husband and young kids, sitting in a hotel room in Canada, watching Trump on the news announcing the closing of international borders, and hearing stories of cleared out supermarkets back home. It's like worrying in the middle of the night, your mind multiplies the problem when you are alone and so far from home.

The next few months brought plenty of drama, but when the fog lifted, what actually happened was that one door closed and another opened. I started Capella with my brilliant co-founder Victoria Yanakos, and was so lucky to be joined by Carlos Martins Rodrigues and  in those early months.

Life has a funny way of closing the loop on dreams and this January 4th myself and the team will land in Las Vegas, to meet with investors, network with customers, attend Consumer Technology & Innovation Show and most importantly....we'll be doing what the Irish do so well and internationalizing our business.

Over 100 organisations have used Capella as expert partners in Hybrid Working over the last 20 months. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped us in the first stages of our exciting journey. You know who you are....

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