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Anne Wright - Innovation Vouchers

Industry Research, Collaboration + Spin Outs
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As a practice-based researcher and software development lead, Anne’s projects include working as a knowledge provider for companies as they explore innovative ideas and business opportunities. The companies that engage with IADT benefit from having access to a vast array of experienced and talented individuals. 

The inter-disciplinary teams which IADT can offer participants and companies include technologists, designers, psychologists, film makers, artists and entrepreneurs. It is the unique array of expertise and available talent at IADT that guarantees innovative and creative project outcomes for each company. 

A recent company research project led by Anne


Opal Success Ltd

Anne recently concluded a research collaboration project with Opal Success Ltd. The company licenses therapists and health coaches to provide specialist continuous professional development (CPD) approved programmes. The onset of the Covid-19 crisis resulted in the company pivoting to a fully online delivery model. The company has a network of therapists and health coaches in Ireland and the UK and has now expanded to the USA. 

Opal Success engaged IADT in a research project to develop a method of measuring the return on investment (ROI) for practitioners who invest in CPD programmes. This project was funded by Enterprise Ireland’s innovation vouchers initiative. 

Anne led the IADT team of technology, psychology and data visualisation experts as they conducted focus groups and surveys with therapists and health coaches. The outputs from this research confirmed that Opal Success were tapping into a fragmented and under-targeted market. This has enabled the company to affirm that the provision of high quality CPD-approved training for health coaches delivered a measurable ROI. 

This research ensured a solid foundation for the next phase of the project. A second innovation voucher will commence shortly, with the long term goal of developing a larger scale innovation partnership project. Opal Success and IADT will develop a platform to facilitate; (a) training delivery, (b) development of an international community of specialist health professionals and (c) collection of data and measurement of ROI on the CPD approved training.  

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