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Student Internships and Recruitment
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The founders moved to the Media Cube in October 2017 and completed the New Frontiers programme in 2018.  The company was a finalist for the Bolton Trust Awards in 2019.

It was while the company was working on their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and client base that they decided to implement a student internship programme.

The programme was designed to offer paid internships to students and graduates who were interested in working in the Creative Operation, Design, Testing and Merchant Success divisions of the business.

Keith Curley, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of GladCloud outlined the ethos that guided the setting up of the programme– ‘Student and Graduate Internship programmes are a great opportunity for start-ups to source talent and work with people who have fresh ideas and offer different viewpoints. Obviously any company that is offering an internship has to consider the roles that they are offering and needs to ensure that the student or graduate gains relevant experience that will assist them in their careers. It is also important that the intern is briefed properly as to the values of the company and what is expected from them. When those structures are put in place, it makes the on-boarding process easier and sets the foundation for making the internship period a rewarding experience for both sides.’

Since its foundation, the business has placed 7 IADT interns drawn from the Creative Technologies, New Media Studies and Entrepreneurship courses. 4 of these interns are still working with the business today on a full-time basis. Typically, an intern will spend 6 months completing the formal IADT graduate internship programme, at which point, if they are creating value in their role, they are offered a full or part-time position.

Tony Burke, Co-Founder and CEO of GladCloud is optimistic about the next internship programme. 

GladCloud recently signed a contract/agreement with Diageo and the company will be recruiting for further internships in January 2022.

"We have had positive experiences in working with the IADT academic staff in implementing our internship programmes and we were delighted with the enthusiasm and skills that the recent student/graduate interns brought to GladCloud. These students were determined to make a positive contribution and when the students decide to accept full-time roles with GladCloud, our aim has always been to foster a positive, creative working environment, with potential opportunities for our staff to grow with the company"

Tony Burke, Co-Founder and CEO of GladCloud is optimistic about the next internship programme.

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