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Robert Griffin - Lecturer - Interpret Studios

Industry Research, Collaboration + Spin Outs
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Recent Company Research Collaboration projects led by Robert:

Interpret Studios is an early stage technology start-up company that is building a mixed-reality collaboration solution for enterprise use. The team is developing a 3D mixed reality environment to aid users in analysing, building and communicating their business strategies. This cutting edge project involves performing secondary research on the following areas:

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: A summary of the current uses of VR/AR, detailing benefits and drawbacks.
  • Identifying the impacts and cautions around the use of VR/AR from a human perspective such as health, ethics, identity, isolation and flow.
  • Listing and summarising research relating to cognition in 3D VR/AR to allow us to understand how best to utilise colour, size, shape, placement, animation, labelling, emoji and other characteristics to convey intrinsic meaning.
  • Evaluating how multiple users in mixed mode environments best communicate using verbal and visual means.
  • Finding best practice for interaction/gestures that are consistent/intuitive and how are they are represented to other users present in the workspace.

This project was completed with the help of two post graduate research assistants, funded by Enterprise Ireland’s innovation voucher scheme.

The Digital Learning Institute (formerly FlexLabs) is a company that specialises in teaching digital learning design to corporate learning professionals with an online learning design platform. 

The system provides users with a work flow and tools to create their own learning experiences, for the learner’s personal needs. 

Engaging and memorable learning experiences requires an understanding of the assets available, the context of the learner environment and the learning outcomes required. For this project Robert completed the following:

  • Reviewed and summarised the literature to identify best practice and required features.
  • Reviewed learner profiles and learning styles such as Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Performed a task analysis and mapped the steps that users need to take in order to achieve their goals.
  • Created a high fidelity prototype.

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