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Rónan Seery – Cré Coffee

IADT Student Enterprise Bootcamp
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‘I was advised to apply by my lecturers who said I would learn a huge amount from the Facilitators giving the programme modules.  I really wanted to start my own business and I had lots of ideas, but I had no first-hand experience of setting up a company – all my knowledge was from websites and books I read. I really wanted first-hand experience and learn lots from people who knew how to do it.’

I had made loads of friends from the Visual Communications, Creative Technologies and Model-making courses and we were working together on a video games business. It was a great idea and when I won a prize at the 2019 Bootcamp, I was really chuffed! When I won I realised that I actually could pitch businesses and that sales was possibly my thing and if a VC thought that I was good, that it was up to me to start working on setting up my own business.

I was approached by Erin Ginnity, the founder of Cre Coffee and a 2021 IADT business management graduate and was asked to come on board and manage Cré. Within Cré we both play to our strengths. Erin is an extremely talented content creator and digital marketing professional and I excel in sales and management. This allowed us to focus in on what we are good at and really specialise. 

I still have lots of ideas that I am pursuing, so watch this space!

"Would I recommend the Bootcamp? Definitely. The pitching session and feedback I received from the panel made a huge difference to my self-confidence. It motivated me to keep studying to finish my degree and to work on my business ideas."

Rónan Seery

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