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When you suspect your child has a learning difficulty or that you have a student in your class showing signs of needing extra support, what should you do?

What if you could learn what you need to know and do, in a matter of hours, delivered by global experts. Is that even possible?

Well, it is now! At Education Elephant we call it - Digital Caring. It's modern and effective. It's using technology to deliver learning more efficiently to reach people who need support, anywhere and everywhere, faster. That is our mission and why we exist.

We achieve this by producing self-paced online courses or by marketing existing expert courses through our psychology focused platform (www.educationelephant.ie) directly to parents, teachers, carers and families to enable them to learn the necessary skills to support a child in need.

You can learn whatever you need to know in hours, not weeks or months, at your own pace and time, re-watch areas of greater interest or double check that you understood something right. You will grow in understanding, skill and intimacy, helping your child or student thrive and avoid more distressing outcomes, protecting families, relationships and classrooms.

Services to support children and families are under severe pressure in Ireland and elsewhere. Currently, a diagnosis for a common condition such as Autism can take a number of years to achieve and even when there is one, parents can be left in the dark with little support and direction on what to do and how to manage.

One thing is for sure - children with Autism need a lot of support, which can leave parents drained, confused and isolated, putting severe and unexpected pressures on many aspects of life.

Our Autism course can revolutionise this situation by providing parents with practical plans and routines to make many of life’s daily activities easier and less troublesome with an autistic child, such as toileting, sleep routines, shopping or a trip to a cafe with friends, allowing parents to take back some control, manage things better.

Education Elephant and their team of psychologists made this course to help parents in this position. Our online self-paced courses are the quickest and most effective way to gain an understanding of the many conditions affecting young people and learn how to respond, with “evidence based” strategies, interventions and tips, that will work, delivered by subject experts from around the world to support children better.

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