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Student Enterprise Bootcamp – Terms and Conditions

The Student Enterprise Bootcamp will provide you with a series of workshops on topics including marketing, sales, sustainability, finance & funding for you to develop your business idea.  All students will be required to attend a final pitch with external judges.

To apply for this programme:

  • You will need a completed application form
  • The Review panel will then inform you whether you have succeeded in getting a place

Applicants must be current undergraduate or postgraduate students of IADT. Participants must be available to attend all workshops, mentoring sessions and the final pitching event. Please note the timetable on the website.


I hereby grant permission to the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire and/or the IADT Media Cube hereinafter referred to as ‘The Media Cube’ and ‘The Institute’ permission to use any photography/videos taken during any sessions that are being held during the programme in which I appear for the purposes of publication and marketing by the Media Cube or the Institute.

I also grant permission for the Media Cube and the Institute to use my name, title, name of my company/department to identify me.

Photographs/videos of people include their personal data and, as such, the Media Cube and the Institute needs your consent as the data is being collected on the basis of having your consent, any photographs/videos taken may be used to communicate about the Media Cube or the Institute to communicate, promote events and programmes delivered by both. It may be shared with Institute members and/or publicly on the Institute’s website or social media accounts. 

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property Ownership of all intellectual property (IP) must be clear and unambiguous before applying for a place on the programme. Ownership and relative shares of intellectual property must be clearly identified and agreed before commencing the programme. This inventory of IP and ownership will be documented in the Team Declaration document that will be signed by all team members before the programme commences. Where the team has formed for the purposes of applying for the competition, and IP is wholly owned by the “founder” this should be specified. If the team decide, as the competition proceeds, to share the IP this is an agreement between the team and not the responsibility of IADT to moderate.

Dispute Resolution

Where possible team disputes should be resolved by the team independently. The Enterprise & Innovation Manager should be informed of significant disputes and if appropriate these can be escalated according to the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Procedure. Individuals and Teams are expected to work together in a professional and respectful manner. If this rule is not adhered to, the team will be given a formal warning and then if the situation continues and is not resolved within 2 days, the team will be asked to leave the Student Enterprise Bootcamp

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