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If you have not yet followed our LinkedIn page please do so now - we will be posting regular updates on the Media Cube on our page.


Fionnghuala has now deleted the old Whatsapp group and, if you have given permission, is adding you to the new group.  This group will replace any pre-existing groups.  It is designed as a means of communicating any news that is topical and relevant to the business of the Media Cube and we would ask you to refrain from posting any personal items in this group.  Posting on this group can take place from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


If you would like to feature in the newsletter please do get us some content or images and we will happily create an article for you.  We will be targeting the first week of every second month to get the information out and we will contact you in advance for any submissions.  If your news is really topical do let us know before that and we will get out on either social media or our new Whatsapp group depending on what is appropriate.


We would like to remind everyone to continue using appropriate measures in relation to Covid-19 in particular to wear masks, maintain hygiene standards like handwashing, and keep spaces ventilated. Please review government guidance  COVID 19 statement.

Visitors still need to fill out a form, using Capella software, in advance of entering the building.

If you have been absent from the building for 2 weeks or more you will also need to fill out a form.

Car Parking spaces

The price has been increased of car parking at the Media Cube to €175 per month (exclusive of VAT).  This is the first increase since 2007 and moves the car parking rate in line with the general car parking rate at the College.  This does not affect any existing licences until they expire, but will apply for any renewal from 1st December 2021.


We are using Capella software to book meeting rooms and fill out Covid questionnaires.  If you do not have access to this software please let Fionnghuala know.


Many of you have already applied for interns from the Institute.  Placements are for 17 weeks starting in January so if you are interested in availing of an intern from the college please contact Siobhan.Gallagher@iadt.ie.

VC in Residence

Are you raising funds this year?  Fundraising networking is really important. If you have not already done so please do reach out to our VC in residence, Enterprise Equity.

Tom Shinkwin: Tom@enterpriseequity.ie

Conor O'Connor: conor@enterpriseequity.ie



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