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Tension is mounting in schools as more pressure is being applied for children to wear masks and limit their social contacts.  ZiggyTec are ahead of the game and have been testing schools since the 2020 after the first Covid outbreak.  The purpose of the study was to ensure teachers and pupils were equipped to take actions to control the indoor air quality.

ZiggyTec have conducted an interesting case study amongst three Irish schools from mid October 2020 to December 2020, in order to monitor CO2 levels in classrooms, notice trends, and see what impact CO2 levels have on the students and teachers. Indoor air quality monitors recorded the CO2, temperature and humidity levels every 30mins in the classrooms.  Straight forward instructions were fed back to the class in real time via a wall mounted tablet device. During the study, it was very evident from the data we gathered, that each time the CO2 levels rise up so does the air temperature as the windows were closed, then control action was taken by opening the windows to let in the cold fresh air. This pushed down both the CO2 levels and the classroom temperatures. These actions were reasonably effective at controlling the CO2 levels and doesn’t let it get out of control.  This showed that the teachers and pupils equipped with the right information had taken actions to control the indoor air quality. Across the three schools we observed a marked difference in the ability of the occupants to control the indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality control at schools will be vital as holistic measures are sought to keep students in schools in a safe and ventilated space.

Ziggytec is a prop-tech company providing the latest Internet of Things technology to deliver accurate, reliable and consistent data from commercial buildings and retail centres. Our solutions allow asset owners and facility managers view collect data from utility meters and indoor air quality sensors via our ZiggyTec Cloud portal. These readings are important for our clients to ensure that their buildings are following sustainability guidelines and help control usage of energy, water, gas as well as internal air quality (IAQ)  in the building. We further support our clients by giving them access to running monthly and weekly reports. Thanks to such reports, our clients are able to see any trends and problematic areas which can be then addressed and monitored more closely.

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